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Pomona Re-Imagining

Pomona Re-Imagining
Building A Path To Happiness and Health
Building A Path To Happiness and Health
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Pomona Re-Imagining: Re-Imagining Our Future Together: Breakout Group 2
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Pomona Re-Imagining: Re-Imagining Our Future Together: Breakout Group 1
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Pomona Re-Imagining: Re-Imagining Our Future Together: Breakout Group 3
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Dear Friends,

Thanks for participating in our Pomona Re-Imaging initiative!  We hope you found it as valuable as we did.  We hope you will join us over the coming year as we “Re-Imagine Our Future Together,” and implement the ideas that the initiative is surfacing.  Recordings and digests of the chat rooms of the plenary and each of the three breakout sessions addressing Re-Imagining Our Safety Net can be found here: 


Wellness matters. Everything we do and feel impacts—and is impacted by our well-being.


Optimal wellness keeps us relaxed, healthy, and positive. To achieve community well-being, we need to build individual and family well-being.


Experts will share the common traits of "super-well" communities around the world and why they are so well. They will share the tools, techniques, and resources to allow all of us, together, to transform Pomona into such a community.


Our community partners will be asked to lead “listening sessions” to learn the top wellness priorities of their constituent groups. This feedback will equip Western University of Health Sciences and other vital partners to:


  • Build a Pomona community wellness program and resource network

  • Establish achievable and measurable community wellness goals

  • Track progress to further support community wellness.


  1. The impact of COVID19 may last for years, so planning horizons should be set accordingly. 

  2. Gleaning and backyard “Victory” gardens can augment food pantry offerings with fresh and healthy food while helping build neighborhood connections.

  3. Urban Farms can become food hubs that foster community/neighborhood gardens, which in turn foster backyard gardens. 

  4. We need to develop ongoing programs that support everyone becoming farmers in their and community backyards, like the Detroit Garden Resource Program   Even poor residents can be growers instead of just receiving give-away food.

  5. Local educational institutions have great resources to contribute to.



More than a dozen participants want to stay involved.  The Pomona Sustainable Food Alliance met again on December 8, 2020, to refine proposals and identify what steps we can take to implement them.  If you want to be involved in future meetings but didn’t leave your email in the chatbox at the event, reach out to PSFA through Michael Witmer,

Follow the Pomona Sustainable Food Alliance on Facebook:


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