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Tim Sandoval

Mayor of Pomona


Victor Preciado

City of Pomona District 2 Councilmember



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Robyn Dreibelbis, DO

Ways to Develop Good Physical Health Habits. Examples from Blue Zones project, Framingham Heart Study and Lebanon Health Study/Live Longer Lebanon

Robyn Dreibelbis, DO serves as Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, as well as Chief Wellness Officer at Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest (COMP-Northwest) in Lebanon, OR.

As an osteopathic physician, she strives to care for her patients and teach her students using the foundational tenets of the osteopathic profession, one of which is that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself if given the opportunity. She felt so strongly that our students needed to have deep foundational knowledge in the integral connection between nutrition and human health that in 2011 she started a lecture series called Nutrition in Medicine (NiM). NiM offers lectures presented by physicians and nutrition experts on various topics regarding the intimate connection between nutrition and human health to every WesternU student on both campuses. With the creation of a culture of wellness through the MEDWell platform (an acronym that stands for Mindfulness, Exercise, and Diet through Work, Engagement, and Lifelong Learning) housed at Western University of Health Sciences/COMP-Northwest, the conversations that she has every day with her patients will be duplicated many times over through the students she teaches. They will then be better able to positively impact their patients for decades to come utilizing these important guiding principles of our osteopathic profession.

She is currently serving as the Chief Wellness Officer at COMP-Northwest and teaching a course that bridges the basic sciences with clinical medicine. In her roles at COMP-Northwest, she can expand on her lifelong passion for nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle medicine and share this information with the students and community members. She is excited to be a part of COMP- Northwest and to have the opportunity to give back to these students what was given to her when she was sitting in the seats that they now occupy.


Pomona Re-Imagining Invites You to:



Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 6:30 p.m. to 8p.m. PST

Wellness matters. Everything we do and feel impacts—and is impacted by—our well-being.

Optimal wellness keeps us relaxed, healthy and positive. To achieve community well-being, we need to build individual and family well-being.

Experts will share the common traits of "super-well" communities around the world and why they are so well. They will share the tools, techniques, and resources to allow all of us, together, to transform Pomona into such a community.

Our community partners will be asked to lead “listening sessions” to learn the top wellness priorities of their constituent groups. This feedback will equip Western University of Health Sciences and other vital partners to:

  • Build a Pomona community wellness program and resource network

  • Establish achievable and measurable community wellness goals

  • Track progress to further support community wellness.


David Baron, DO

Ways to Develop Good Mental Health Habits.

Managing Stress, Meaningful Relationships, Nuances of Control, Engaging in Stimulating Mental Activities

David Baron_ Headshot.jpg

David Baron is the Senior Vice President and Provost of Western University of Health Sciences and has been involved with Addiction Medicine research and education for over 40 years. His work has been translational, ranging from the role of beta-lactam in the self-administration of drugs of abuse (Rawls, Baron, et al), to extensive work with Ken Blum and colleagues on RDS and the GARS. His current focus is on MAT training for health providers, focusing on the opioid crisis. Baron has served as Medical Director at a number of Addiction Treatment programs, including The Horsham Clinic, Malibu Beach Recovery Center, and the CLARE/MATRIX Foundation.


Baron has taught Addiction Medicine to health care graduate students (physicians, nurses, and graduate students) for over 30 years. He has been a Doping Control officer in the world of elite sports since 1983 and continues to be active in this field. While Deputy Clinical Director of the NIMH, he was appointed, and served on the Drug-Free Workplace Legislation Senior Task Force, under President Reagan. 

Dennis Wallstrom, Ph.D.

Spiritual Wellness.

Meaning, Purpose, Sense of Balance and Peace, Integrating One’s Values & Beliefs with Bettering Oneself and the Community at Large.

Dennis Wallstrom Headshot.jpg

Dennis W. Wallstrom, PhD, seeks the “big picture” when collaborating on life problems. He has extensive training
and experience in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and spirituality and ministry, and applies a
range of specific interventions proven to create relief and positive change for particular issues. A graduate of the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, he naturally draws together helpful resources from his background in science, relational exploration, and faith and spirituality, in his clinical work. “Our personal pain may have much to teach us,” he says, “But we are more attentive learners when we find relief for our bodies, clarity for our minds, joy in our relationships, and peace for our spirits.” He strives to find the most direct route to relief from pain, and to the wisdom, we may gain in the process. His website:




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